Farmers, Robots and Technology – Caring for Cows

On Demand
Elementary School

March 19, 2024

In the 1940s, one farm in the United States produced enough food to feed 19 people. Today, one US farm produces enough to feed 172 people. This increase is due to the advancement of science and technology.

Join us LIVE as we visit a dairy to learn how robots and other technology helps farmers feed, monitor, milk and keep their cows as healthy as possible.

This trip is designed for students in grades K-5, with additional classroom resources available upon registration.

Dairy West

Dairy West represents dairy farm families in Idaho and Utah. The organization is passionate about what they do every day, because dairy farmers play a critical role in providing the world with safe and nutritious food. From forging industry partnerships to hosting community events, Dairy West delivers impactful information and experiences to help secure a brighter future for us all.