Cows, Careers and Classrooms: A Virtual Journey into Veterinary Science on the Farm

On Demand
High School
Middle School

May 10, 2024

Embark on a virtual journey through the eyes of a veterinarian who will guide us through their role on a dairy farm. Streaming from a local dairy farm, we will witness how veterinarians and farmers work together to keep cows healthy.

This 45-minute field trip is directly linked to core curriculum for 6th – 12th-grade students. Links to specific classroom resources/lessons are included.

Dairy West

Dairy West represents dairy farm families in Idaho and Utah. The organization is passionate about what they do every day, because dairy farmers play a critical role in providing the world with safe and nutritious food. From forging industry partnerships to hosting community events, Dairy West delivers impactful information and experiences to help secure a brighter future for us all.