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10 Great Virtual Farm Trips to Watch with Students

While an actual in-person trip to a farm is hard to swing these days, we at have been producing LIVE Virtual Farm Trips for years, allowing farmers to open their barn doors to students to show exactly how they go about their daily lives, answering questions directly and providing opportunities that are as close as one can get without actually stepping foot on the farm.

We recently combed through our archives to find 10 Great Virtual Farm Trips for Classrooms to Watch that showcase the variety of agriculture in our country and highlight fantastic farmers doing some amazing work. We hope you’ll take time for your students to enjoy a Virtual Farm Trip below!

You can also see many more trips by clicking the link under videos below to be directed to YouTube playlists of past trips. 

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Walnut Harvest and Huller VFT | Hosted by San Joaquin AgVenture 

This tour will take you onsite to a San Joaquin County, California walnut orchard. Learn more about what it takes to grow, harvest and process walnuts for consumption. Click here for a worksheet to accompany this trip.

Virtual Field Trip to an Ohio Turkey Farm | Hosted by GrowNextGen

This Virtual Farm Trip visits Cooper Farms in western Ohio, where students will learn how Farmer Craig raises turkeys from shortly after hatching through market weight. Cooper Farms has also had multiple turkeys pardoned by past presidents, which are featured in this trip.

Virtual Field Trip and Combine Ride-Along with an Ohio Soybean Farmer | Hosted by GrowNextGen

Hop in a combine and go for a ride with Ohio Soybean Farmer Nathan Eckel as he harvests his soybeans! Students will learn the stages of soybean growth, how a combine works, and the importance of soybeans in our everyday lives.

Virtual Field Trip to The Ohio State University Pig Farm | Hosted by Ohio Pork Council

Did you know that there’s a pig farm right on the campus of The Ohio State University? Farmer Gracee takes students on a tour of the swine facility on this trip, showing how students on the farm care for sows preparing to give birth, and also the many piglets as they grow. 

Virtual Field Trip to Ahlgren Dairy Farm | Hosted by Midwest Dairy and Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom

This trip showcases amazing technology on the Ahlgren Dairy Farm in Minnesota. Learn how robots on the farm do everything from mixing and delivering feed to cows, milking cows and even cleaning the cows’ pens!

Virtual Farm Trip to a Michigan Dairy | Hosted by United Dairy Industry of Michigan

Join Farmer Annie for a tour of SwissLane Farms in western Michigan as she highlights the benefits of technology on her farm, including robotic milkers!

Virtual Farm Tour to Estes Dairy with Indianapolis Colts Kicker Rodrigo Blankenship | Hosted by American Dairy Association Indiana 

Join special guest, Indianapolis Colts Kicker Rodrigo Blankenship, for a tour of Estes Dairy in Indiana, where the entire family works together to bring healthy and nutritious dairy products to our tables. Be sure to stay through the end of the tour for a fun moment with Rodrigo!

Virtual Farm Trip to University of Florida Honey Bee & Research Extension Lab | Hosted by Florida Agriculture in the Classroom

Students will learn about how bees work together to sustain their colony, the equipment humans need to keep bees, and the vital role that bees play as pollinators for our food system at the UF/IFAS Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab. 

Virtual Farm Trip to a California Pumpkin Farm | Hosted by San Joaquin Agventure

Take a Virtual Farm Trip to Van Groningen and Sons, Inc. in California, where you learn about growing, harvesting and post-harvesting processing of pumpkins. Farmers Bryan and Tommy take you behind the scenes from the field to the packing shed.

Ericson Exotic Fruit Farm | Hosted by Florida Agriculture in the Classroom

Located on the eastern shore of Florida’s largest lake, Erickson Farm specializes in mangos, avocados, starfruit, lychees, sapodillas, and other exotic fruits. The begins at the mango trees, where students will learn what it takes to grow a 60-acre fruit farm with century old trees! We then move to the avocado orchard where we will encounter multiple varieties of these green fruits sometimes called ‘Alligator Pears’ and take a closer look at their nutritional value. The tour will end in the starfruit grove where students will get an up close look at these fun and funky yellow fruits.

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