Dairy Deep Dive Tour of Del-Rose Farm

On Demand
High School
Middle School

October 29, 2023

• Three live stops including the cow barn, calf barn, and milking parlor to see how the whole farm works day to day while our farmer answers your questions.
• Check-in questions after each stop to engage students
• Access to our additional resources including lesson plans, vocabulary sheets, and all 20 of our past tours!

ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE: Here is a Teaching Kit that compliments this tour and meets Curricular Standards:

American Dairy Association North East

On behalf of the nearly 9,000 dairy farmers in the Northeast, American Dairy Association North East wants to help you understand who farmers are and how they raise the animals that make your milk. We want you to know how dairy farmers are good stewards of their land who always have an eye on the future of our shared resources.