Chickenology: STEM in Animal Nutrition

On Demand
High School
Middle School

October 13, 2023

Take your middle and high school math, life science, biology, and environmental science students on a LIVE 45-minute virtual field trip to Weaver Eggs, an Ohio poultry farm, where they will see and discuss STEM in action.

Live from the feed mill, your students will get an up-close look at the science of optimizing poultry nutrition, calculating supply, and engineering the necessary processes for feeding over one million chickens daily.

Weaver Eggs animal nutrition egg-sperts will share what healthy hens eat, why each ingredient is important, and what scientific careers are related to animal nutrition.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Understanding trophic levels and energy transfer in ecosystems
  • Exploring environmental and human impact on nutrition
  • Calculating energy needs through different life stages
  • Applying math and science to the poultry industry logistics

This LIVE Virtual Farm Trip is hosted by GrowNextGen, the educational initiative of the Ohio Soybean Council, in cooperation with, a team of educators that writes curriculum and manages education programs connecting the workplace to the classroom.


Backed by funding from Ohio soybean farmers and their checkoff program, GrowNextGen brings agriculture science to the classroom by providing real-world educational tools to engage the next generation workforce.