Chickenology: Engineering a Hen House

High School
Middle School

May 3, 2024
10 a.m.-10:45 a.m. (ET)

From Farm to Classroom: Take your middle and high school math, life science, biology, and environmental science students on a 45-minute virtual field trip to VAL-CO Industries where they will see how housing systems for hens are made and discuss STEM in action.

What chicken housing designs meet live chickens’ ecosystem needs in order to thrive and lay eggs?

VAL-CO Industry experts will share:

  • How housing systems are designed
  • The engineering and manufacturing process used to make the housing systems
  • What scientific and engineering careers are related to housing construction

Live from VAL-CO Industries, your students will get an up close look at the science of creating productive hen habitats that produce natural bird behavior and lots of eggs!

Key focus areas:

  • See how the engineering design process is utilized to create housing systems for egg layers
  • Understand how animal science and engineering design have improved the egg layer industry
  • Apply math and science to build egg layer housing


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