Virtual Field Trip to an Ohio Pig Farm – Farmer Jeff

On Demand
Elementary School
Middle School

February 2, 2016

Students from eight Ohio schools took a virtual field trip, hosted by Farmer Jeff on Ground Hog's Day. Jeff hosted the live video chat inside of his pig barn. He showed students around his farrowing rooms and pig nursery.

Ohio Pork Council

The Ohio Pork Council was established in 1968 when leaders in Ohio’s pork industry determined it was a necessity to promote their own product. When the organization began, about 800 farmers dedicated themselves to this task. The Council now has approximately 2,500 members. As the organization has grown, so have the programs to promote pork, along with increased services for OPC members. Today’s members continue to look toward tomorrow. Each year shows an increased awareness of the challenges and solutions facing the industry. This awareness will continue to make Ohio’s pork industry strong and viable for the next generation of Ohio farmers. Be a part of this impressive group of people who have joined together to promote their product to the state, nation, and world.