Sustainability and Nutrition: Dairy In A Balanced Food System

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High School
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Health Professionals

October 26, 2023

Join us for a virtual farm tour and discussion, exploring the complex term “sustainability” and what it means both on farm and in nutrition promotion. This one hour, “lunch and learn” style session will take a deeper dive into the innovative practices dairy farmers use to protect our natural resources while supplying nutritious, safe, and affordable dairy food choices for people all over the world.

Dairy Farmer guests, Jill Houin of Homestead Dairy and Alex Neuenshwander of Neu-Hope Dairy will show and share sustainability practices. Dietitian Moderator, Hanna Kelley, will briefly discuss how these efforts feed into the greater good of a more balanced food system.

This tour is designed for university-level students, dietetic interns and high school STEM, agriculture or health courses.

American Dairy Association Indiana

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