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Virtual Farm Trip to Ohio Pig Farm
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Virtual Farm Trip to Ohio Soybean Farm
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Virtual Farm Trip to Pennsylvania Beef Farm
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Virtual Farm Trip to Michigan Dairy
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Virtual Farm Trips Archive

Since 2014, our Virtual Farm Trips™ program has offered one-of-a-kind learning experiences by connecting participants to real working farms from the comfort of their computers, classrooms, conference rooms and living rooms. We understand that classes and students may not have the schedule or access necessary to participate in our upcoming live Virtual Farm Trips. However, we have several recordings of our previous live trips available from our partners linked below that you may access free of charge to enhance your virtual learning experiences. 

Click links below to view recorded Virtual Farm Trips you can share with your students

Virtual Farm Trips to Ohio Pig Farms

Virtual Farm Trips to Ohio Beef Farms

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San Joaquin County California AgVentures

Virtual Farm Trips to Minnesota Farms

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Careers in Energy Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Farm Trips to Ohio Soybean Farms

Virtual Farm Trips to Midwest Dairies

Farm Science Review Harvest LIVE 2020

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Virtual Farm Trips to Pennsylvania Beef Farms

Virtual Farm Trip to an Ohio Sheep Farm

Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Virtual Farm Trips

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Registering & Participating in Virtual Farm Trips

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Click on a trip that interests you from either the trip offerings or live trip schedule section above. You will receive more details about the trip and be directed to an online registration form. Be prepared to submit contact information, and the number of classes and students participating, and have a calendar handy to make sure trip dates and times fit your schedule. Once your registration is submitted, we will contact you to confirm your trip date and time and provide further details.


Note: Virtual Farm Trips are developed by our partners with specific audiences in mind. As such, the content of each tour is also tailored toward these specific audiences. Please note the age levels associated with trips as you register for them to ensure it is a good fit for your audience.

In the weeks leading up to your trip, you will be provided full details and instructions to help you prepare for your trip, including technology assistance. However, we've included some details below so you'll know what to expect.


Virtual Farm Trips are conducted using the Zoom video conferencing platform. You can test your connection to Zoom at anytime by clicking here. You may be required to download a small plug-in for the program to work on your computer the first time. 


Some of our trips offer maximum engagement by allowing you to have webcams and microphones turned on. So you may connect and use these items if you wish. It's not required  to participate in any of our trips, however.


Note: Some schools/businesses have restrictions on what programs can be downloaded and used on computers. You may wish to consult your IT personnel as you prepare for your trip to ensure you are able to participate.

Virtual Farm Trips are typically conducted in one of three ways:


1. Smaller, meeting-style trips, where up to about a dozen different audiences join at one time and have their webcams and microphones turned on. This allows for direct visual and audio interaction between audiences and the farmer and moderator, including live video Q&A sessions.


2. Large-scale webinar-style trips, where many audiences are connected at one time. Webcams and microphones are not turned for audiences during this style of trip. However, audiences will still be able to submit comments and questions to be addressed live during the trip by a farmer and/or moderator. 


3. Live-streaming trips, where the audience connects to a platform such as Facebook, YouTube or a website to view a trip. No webcam or microphones are required for this trip. Attendees may engage through comments on these trips.


The style of each trip is determined by hosting partners, and will be relayed to registrants in the weeks leading up to each trip.


Note: You are never required to use a webcam and/or microphone during a trip, but it is highly recommended for the most engaging experiences. If a webcam and microphone is not available, you may still participate in live trips where you can see/hear the farmer and moderator and submit comments and questions via chat.

You will receive an email with complete  instructions for preparing, connecting to and participating in your trip. It is recommended you have IT personnel present as you use these instructions to test/prepare for your trip. If you experience difficulties, individual assistance will be available via the instructions you'll receive.


In some cases, particularly if you are participating in smaller-scale trips where microphones and webcams will be turned on, you may be asked to schedule a test connection with us for one-on-one assistance and preparation for your trip. 


As a courtesy, we ask all registered participants to please be prompt in replying to outreach messages and communication to ensure that you'll be able to participate in your scheduled Virtual Farm Trip.


Note: In rare cases, your computer may not be able to connect using the provided instructions. However, you will be able to connect using a limited interface through your browser. We will provide instructions for doing so if determined necessary.

A typical Virtual Farm Trip lasts 30-45 minutes depending upon the audience, but may not be limited to those timeframes.


You can expect to connect to your trip 5-10 minutes ahead of the start time to ensure all is working well. This will be followed by a brief welcome and introduction, followed by a short "show and tell" chat and tour with a farmer and moderator.  The remainder of your trip will be devoted to live question and answer sessions, with opportunities in many cases for participants to be on camera and ask questions directly to a farmer. 


Note: Virtual Farm Trips are developed by our partners with specific audiences in mind. As such, the content of each tour is also tailored toward these specific audiences. Please note the age levels associated with trips as you register for them to ensure it is a good fit for your audience.

Certainly! All Virtual Farm Trips are recorded, with many of them posted online for viewing. Most recordings are typically available within one week of the completion of a trip.


In many cases, you may request a recording of a trip during the registration process. Otherwise, you can visit our Virtual Farm Trips archive to view past trips.


Note: All who participate in a live trip will receive the recording of that specific trip once it is uploaded and ready to view.

Click here to contact our Virtual Farm Trips manager directly or send a detailed inquiry form for reply.