Wisconsin Pork Association

Vision Statement
The Wisconsin Pork Association is the primary source for representing the state’s pork industry, known for its commitment to enhancing the success of all sizes and types of production in the state, as well as that of the businesses that support those producers.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wisconsin Pork Association is to promote and protect the state’s pork industry in order to ensure its success now and in the future.

Checkoff Programs
Wisconsin Pork Association activities are paid for with checkoff and non-checkoff dollars. Funding for the checkoff comes from pig farmers. The current checkoff rate is 40 cents per $100 value of pork sold by the farmer. The National Pork Board collects and distributes checkoff funds for promotion, research, and consumer information programs. These programs are designed to strengthen the position of the pork industry in the marketplace and to maintain, develop, and expand markets for pork and pork products.

Non-checkoff Funds
Non-checkoff funds in Wisconsin are generated through activities like the Pork Schoppe and Pork Classic golf outing. In addition, the Strategic Investment Program offers pig farmers an opportunity to invest voluntary dollars into both the National Pork Producers Council and the Wisconsin Pork Association, which will be used for legislative and regulatory programs.