As opposed to scripted, pre-recorded and highly-edited “virtual field trips” found elsewhere, our Virtual Farm Trips focus on interactive, live experiences that directly connect audiences with real farmers on their actual farms through the use of live videoconferencing technology.

Featuring farmers connecting in their boots, fields, equipment and barns, no two Virtual Farm Trips are ever the same! With emphasis on two-way communication and extensive opportunity to ask questions, the audience controls the direction of these unscripted trips. 

This approach provides ultimate transparency and is as real as it can get without actually stepping foot on the farm! 

Shift•ology Communication, a communication and public relations firm serving the biosciences community and based in Springfield, Ohio, developed the Virtual Farm Trips™ program as a result of partnerships with like-minded clients seeking authentic and less costly ways to connect their audiences to real working farms in an environment where arranging in-person visits is increasingly difficult. 

Today, we provide a proven platform and logistical and technological framework to help organizations build a customizable Virtual Farm Trip program, taking burdens off of organizations and farmers to help them do what they do best…share their stories and connect with their audiences.

We Believe

  • In the positive impact of transparency and authenticity when it comes to learning how food is raised

  • In the power of connectivity, creating memorable experiences and lasting impressions

  • An unscripted, unfiltered & unrestricted conversation with a farmer on their farm is one of the most authentic experiences one can have with agriculture, aside from stepping foot on a farm